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Pessoa by Flavia

Pessoa is my Brazilian surname. In English, it means “person”. Each Pessoa is

Artisanal products, particularly the textures and colours of leathers and textiles,
have always fascinated me. Small details can have a big impact on the finished product, and so, I strive to craft products, which have their own unique personal story.

My materials are sourced from suppliers both local and afar, including some close
to my roots in Brazil. The bags are made from leather and other unique natural fabrics,
and the linings are either linen or cotton.

A few years ago I started making and giving handbags to family and friends, on
special occasions.  By word of mouth, friends and then friends of friends
started asking me to make them as gifts.

With gratitude to those who have believed in me, “Pessoa” was born.  Each person has an individual spirit, and for each spirit, there is a unique Pessoa creation.