Flavia Young – Designer

Flavia Young – Designer of Leather Handbags in AustraliaI come from Belo Horizonte, set in the mountains of southeast Brazil, and the capital city of Minas Gerais, a region famous for its farms, gold mines, and precious stones. For the past twenty years I have made the Northern Beaches of Sydney my home.

Minas Gerais is renowned for its artisanal products, and I have always loved making handcrafts from local materials. I fondly remember being taught to crochet a string rug by my grandmother, and the gentle sound of her sewing machine was soothing music to my ears.

During my travels I have been inspired by colour and texture, and I always seek out interesting local products and places where I can get to know the craftspeople. One of my greatest joys is to give pieces that I have made, as presents to family and friends. There is something special about seeing my loved ones appreciating something which is filled with my energy and care.

When creating my pieces, I become absorbed and lost in the process. Once, while at a workshop, another attendee said, “Craft is long, life is short”. I laughed as I too feel the same. I have made a variety of products over the years, including mosaics, needlework, and screen-printing. However, I have based the Pessoa brand on leather goods, bags in particular, as I love the freedom it provides me to experiment with colours, fabrics, textures, and patterns.

About Pessoa

Pessoa is my Brazilian surname, which in English means “person”. Each Pessoa is unique.

Artisanal products, particularly the textures and colours of leather and textiles,
have always fascinated me. Small details can have a big impact on the finished product, and so, I strive to craft products which have their own unique personal story.

My materials are sourced from locally and internationally sourced suppliers, including Brazil. The bags are made from leather and other unique natural fabrics, with the linings consisting of either linen or cotton.

A few years ago I started making and giving handbags to family and friends, on
special occasions.  By word of mouth, friends and then friends of friends
started asking me to make them as gifts.

All Pessoa products are designed by me. From leather and fabric selection.They are crafted in SYDNEY by skilled artisans, which ensures that my customers receive products of the highest standard.

With gratitude to those who have believed in me, “Pessoa” was born.  Each person has an individual spirit, and for each spirit, there is a unique Pessoa creation.