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Pessoa is a leather accessories brand with a social conscience that is carving a distinctive position in the market. Made by hand in a small series each piece is unique and created with strong ethical standards.


Pessoa is the Brazilian surname of Founder and Designer Flavia Young. Pessoa means “person” in English, and like every person, each Pessoa piece is unique

I first started creating handbags a few years ago, where I would then gift them to family and friends, and then by word of mouth my friends and then friends of friends, would ask me to make them as gifts for other people.

From leather and fabric selection, to pattern cutting and sewing, all Pessoa products are designed and handcrafted by myself, and some in collaboration with fellow artisans with whom I have built close relationships with. These relationships also allow me to ensure that my customers receive the best quality in each product.

Artisanal products have always fascinated me, particularly the varying textures and colours of leather and textiles. Personally I believe small details can have a large impact on the finished product, and so with all my pieces, I strive to craft products that have their own unique personal story.

I do this through creating bags made from leather and other one of a kind natural materials that have been sourced from both local and international suppliers including Brazil, where the inside lining of each bag also consists of either linen or cotton sourced from these places too I am eternally thankful to those who have believed in me, as “Pessoa” was able to come to life.

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