The Design

Flavia says her handbags bring out the best of both her Brazilian and Australian sides. Her weekends spent travelling as a child to the mountains and family farm, where they grew myriad different fruits, have inspired the rich tapestry of colours, in addition to the strong influence of Brazil fashion on her life; while the welcoming, open nature of Australia and its landscape is embodied in the love and care that imbues each design.

Every piece is handcrafted locally with meticulous care shown for detail, and Flavia gives the customer a range of choices on the type and colour of leather and lining.

For Flavia, the lining is as important as the leather. ‘My mother always said it’s the little details that make the difference,’ she says and so it is that every bag has its own distinct, often surprising fabric lining. ‘I love people’s reactions when they first open the bags because they never expect something so bright and happy’ she says.

Handmade in Sydney

She developed a relationship with exceptional local artisans in Sydney, and takes pride in working with the local community.

Each bag is given its own cotton dust bag, sewn in Bali, and arrives with a handwritten card from Flavia.

In pre-Covid times Flavia would pick up materials and ideas on her regular international buying trips to Brazil and Japan. ‘Brazil is a big exporter of leather shoes and handbags so I’d purchase the leather offcuts from the factories that would otherwise become landfill, but for me was plenty.’

Today she uses Italian full grain cowhide and decadently soft sheepskin leather; while each bag has its own unique colourful leather tassel, also made from leather offcuts. Flavia prides herself on properly remunerating her artisans,