Flavia Young – founder and designer

Pessoa is the Brazilian surname of founder and designer Flavia Young. Flavia was born in Belo Horizonte, a region known for its fashion, focus on lovingly handcrafted leather accessories, embroidery and beads, and delicious natural produce and cuisine. And like so many Brazilians, Flavia has always adored design, fashion, bright colours and creating things by hand. ‘We value tradition, passed through generations’, she says.

Moving to Australia

When she was 27 Flavia made the bold decision to move on her own to Australia. She knew no-one and spoke very little English but quickly fell in love with Sydney and, not long after, her future husband. After marrying and having two children she gave up work so she could be with the family, promising herself she’d do something creative once they were older.

Pessoa is born

That ‘something’ was inspired by various design workshops she did, and in particular a course at the International School of Colour + Design which highlighted to her how creativity, colour and handcrafts could be combined in fashion. Working on a large, bright mosaic table was a like a form of meditation. ‘I’ve always loved colour and vibrant things, I cut every piece of tile myself,’ she says. When she was 48, Pessoa was born. ‘It’s never too late to start doing something you’re passionate about,’ she says.